Monday 10 December 2012

Thank You For Supporting The 2012 Reading Toy Run!

On behalf of all those in organising the 2012 Reading Toy Run! May we extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in whatever way. Whether you were one of the 1700 on the ride, one of the 110 Marshals, one of the crowd of spectators, a supporting local business, one of the many donors of either cash or gifts - it all added up to make a great day and an occasion that will benefit a huge number of children in south of England. As always Barnardo's at High Close School will do a marvelous job of distributing the gifts to where they are needed most within their own centres and also other local projects.

The kids really do appreciate the effort

From the sky- just before departing Foster Wheeler - photo courtesy of Heli Bikes

Numerous images and press articles can be found on the facebook group page and other links will be added, but here's a nice collection of images from Lodden Bridge Roundabout which capture the spirit of the run very well!

And below is the promo video from the 25th Anniversary in 2010 and purchase info for the full dvd from that year.