These guidelines are provided for both those taking part in the Toy Run, for those choosing to come along and watch the ride pass and for those affected by road closures. 

They are here to assist in making sure the event goes as smoothly and safely as possible. We can all do something to make sure that happens. Thank you.

For Riders:

  • Please ensure your bike is road legal and in a road worthy condition.
  • On leaving the start point, please ride in staggered formation leaving enough room between the bike in front so you can stop and keep the rider behind in your left or right mirror.
  • Please DO NOT 'hi-five' spectators.
  • Please DO NOT throw sweets into crowds as you ride past.
  • The ride is marshalled by trained personnel authorised to close junctions. The Toy Run has right of way through all traffic signals which enables the ride to continue at a steady pace.
  • This is not a licence to race or start showboating; putting other riders and spectators at risk will not be tolerated. Please respect this throughout the day.
  • Please DO NOT stop on the ride itself to take photos or cause an obstruction. If you break down or need to stop for any reason, please pull out of the way to safe place and rejoin the run at the end if you can. 

For Spectators:
  • Please DO NOT stand in the road; stay on the footpaths and behind barriers where applicable. 
  • Please DO NOT attempt to 'hi-five' those riders or pillions on the bikes. 
  • Please do shout and cheer though - we really do love seeing everyone out watching!
  • Barnardo's do usually have street collection buckets available for donations at the busy locations if you want to donate towards their fantastic work.
For Other Motorists
  • Road closures will be advertised well in advance of the event; both using yellow signposting on the route and in the local press. Please plan your journey in advance to avoid delays that could last an hour or longer.
  • Please DO NOT ignore the 'road closed' signs when the event is taking place. Ignoring these signs and breaking into the run, not only potentially causes accidents, it is also an offence to do so. The marshall teams are trained and authorised to close the roads for the event.
Thank You Everyone for Your Participation, Understanding and Ongoing Support!